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Title: Kak molody my byli (How Young We Were). Dmitri Khvorostovsky

Description: An elegiac song popular in the Soviet era. It is not a lament, it is rather a song of wisdom looking back at its youth. "Everything leaves traces on this earth, and our bygone youth is immortal. How young we were! How earnestly we loved and believed in ourselves". The beauty and wisdom of Russia lies in its peoples of all nationalities. This is why I chose photographs of ordinary Russians to accompany this lovely song. Not everything in the Soviet time was evil. Indeed, many young contemporary Russian musicians include Soviet-era songs in their repertoire because of their optimism (instead of the nihilism of Western rock).

This is sung by the famous operatic baritone Dmitri Khvorostovsky, with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra led by Constantine Obelian and the Style of Five playing Russian folk instruments.

Author: Vostorgina01

VVS-Moscow : Kak molody my byli (How Young We Were). Dmitri Khvorostovsky Teater Film Video
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